Quick Study System Homeopathic Materia Medica and Pathology Sets

For more than 200 years homeopathy has been used to restore health by providing
“the most rapid, gentle, and permanent restoration of health, or removal and annihilation of disease,
in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles”.
Organon of Medicine, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann


"The system is easy to use, and provides just the right amount of information without overwhelming students. "
- Homeopathy Today, June 2008

"I am impressed by the quality of the work, including the content, organization, art . . . everything. You did a great job on the CDs."
- Naturopathic Student

"These study sets increased my ability to differentiate between remedies with speed and accuracy."
- Acupuncture Physician

"Making the CHC exam accessible and manageable."
- Lay Homeopath

"These CDs are fabulous, they saved me hours of research and note taking. Now I can just study. Great for commuting."
- Homeopathic Student

Gwynn Cadwallader

Gwynn Cadwallader CCH, M.S. Ed

Gwynn has studied homeopathy since 2000 in Florida & New Mexico. She is a graduate of Florida Academy of Classical Homeopathy (FACH), class of 2007, and some of her mentors include Miranda Castro, Julia Eastman, Ann Jerome, Henny Heudens-Mast, and Dr. Mary Alice Cooper, MD.

She served as the clinic coordinator and supervisor at FACH for several years where she was instrumental in assisting several groups of students to take and pass the CHC exam. Student feedback shows that the Quick Study System Materia Medica and Pathology sets were key to their success on the exam. Gwynn is skilled at synthesizing information and presenting it in an accessible format, which makes these Quick Study System sets an invaluable tool for studying.

Gwynn has a Masters degree in Learning Design and Technology from Purdue University with strong background in curriculum, training, and graphics. A native of New Mexico, Gwynn currently works at the University of Florida.


Gwynn & Lucy

With so much information to study in homeopathy and the task can be overwhelming. In our 3rd year (2006) at the Florida Academy of Classical Homeopathy, we started researching and producing remedy cards for our personal use in preparation for the Certification (CHC) exam. We got the bright idea to record the information so that we could listen to remedy pictures and pathology states, until the information started sinking into our brains. After we sat for the exam, we realized just how much the study cards and CDs helped us to prepare for the test. After receiving many requests from fellow homeopathic students and holistic practitioners, we decided to fine tune our study cards and make them available to others. Quick Study System is a great source for the critical information of each remedy and disease – A perfect study and reference tool.

Quick Study System sets are a helpful tool in furthering one’s education in the field of homeopathy and natural health. Perfect for students and home prescribers as well as schools, study groups, professional homeopaths, acupuncturist and naturopaths and other holistic practitioners.

We have compiled both the remedy set and the pathology set to match the criteria of the CHC Certification exam. Quick Study System flash card sets will definitely make taking the test more accessible and not quite as daunting. Both sets of flash cards compliment boot camp.

For STUDY GROUPS, the card sets can be divided into affinity sections to differentiate between remedy pictures. It’s a great way to learn not only the remedies, but also the pathologies that our loved ones or friends will present when they need a remedy. So camp out with these flash cards and boost your knowledge.

The mastered CDs can be imported into your computer and synced with your MP3 player, such as an iPod or iTouch. If you’re new to technology, don’t worry. We have instructions included with each set to help make loading the CDs a breeze. Join the hundreds of students who have successfully used these sets!

Lucy Clark, LMT, LMBT

Lucy has been practicing massage therapy for 25 years, with many concurrent years spent studying Nutrition and Homeopathy. Although she worked closely with the medical community as well as the professional sports community, she felt that there had to be something more effective and less harmful to deal with disease. Lucy is highly skilled at recognizing disease states and using complimentary healing modalities to improve her client’s health. She offers her healing expertise to her clients in Jacksonville, FL and Brevard, NC.
Since publishing the Quick Study System, Lucy, along with her husband and three dogs have relocated to the western mountains of North Carolina, where she is pursuing a professional career as a ceramic artist and Massage Therapist.

Lucy is the voice on the audio CDs. 




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